About TADO

We bring you houses that captivate your heart with an ongoing commitment to providing a sustainable balance between affordability and luxury. With a strong sense of environmental responsibility, we construct homes that meet international construction standards.

Team TaDo has expanded since we originally started by introducing innovative ideas in gated communities.

Our ability to produce the greatest results stems from our experience, talent, and commitment. Continue to love and trust us, and we will continue to live out your goals while pursuing our own.

We are on a mission to provide greenery solutions to everyone who requests them and to spread awareness of the advantages of recycling, ecosystem balance, and other environmentally friendly practices.

Unique style

That combines modern and traditional design to create a high value to your investments & landmark building.


We want to give premium service at affordable cost with long-term relationships to our clients.

Designed for Future and Security

Our Projects are designed for Future Appreciation & Life Time Security

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide top-notch gated communities while embracing new technology and working methods. We also want to develop lasting partnerships and establish ourselves as a name that is synonymous with growth, integrity, transparency, and trust.

Our Vision

The vision of TADO Projects is to create investments that are futuristic, classy, and affordable to everyone in India. Through innovation, we pursue perfection and enthusiasm and transform the lives, landscapes, and lifestyle of people.

About Founder

Tarak Doddala, Director – Planning & Delivery for TADO Projects, initially holds up a high profile across his association with top-notch companies and multiple start-ups. While working on multi-domain and bagging experience in the same, his parallel world and passion for lands, greenery, natural approach toward the society was also ideating.

His Vision of TADO Projects Developed to deliver Future, Classy & Affordable investments and reachable to all kinds. He was an ideology driven individual who works for passion and perfection.

He is a firm believer of nature’s bounty, and always says that one should go slowly but steadily, and the way, they can achieve whatever they set their eyes on.

He likes to work with like-minded group of individuals, are on a voyage to bring in greenery solutions to whoever seeks it and simultaneously educate others on the benefits of ecosystem balance, recycling, and other environmental friendly factors.

Team TaDo

Team TaDo is a multifaceted management team with particular expertise in counseling and building the best real estate asset. Our main goal is to fulfill the demands of the client and make their idea a desirable reality.

We adhere to a stringent policy to ensure the best quality in both our projects and services.

TaDo is dedicated to maintaining its position as the industry leader in offering our clients high-quality houses.

With our astounding inventions and advancements, we have been setting the direction for real estate.

In addition to other maintenance tasks, TaDo offers property management services like security, housekeeping, transportation services, maintenance, fire protection, landscaping, and pest control, as well as the operation of lifts, generators, water softening plants, sewage treatment plants, piped gas systems, solar fencing, and clubhouse maintenance.

Our ability to provide maximum value and capital appreciation for our properties is made possible by TaDo’s focus on proactive management, preventative maintenance, and energy saving.

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