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When investing, you want to select a company that will commit to you over the long run. We make the following commitments to everyone whose faith we have earned. We are a modern, elegant, and reasonably priced organization. We are a business that was founded with a long-term real estate vision.

We have developed the habit of quality. We follow this rule every day; it’s not just something we strive for. TaDo Projects is an organization that places high importance on investor and customer happiness. It began with cooperation or association by investing in successful projects and promoting them through support.

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We need to honor the land and complement it with a structure to achieve harmony, which is the justification of its aura.

Ta Do has vowed to provide its customers with the highest caliber of construction services.

Our goal is to increase customer pleasure, and our instrument for doing so is continuous improvement.

TaDo Projects is an organization that places high importance on investor and customer happiness. Most of the creative process details will be forgotten, but the quality of our goods and services will endure.

The TaDo Projects’ main goals are quality and satisfaction. Future, Classy, and Affordability serve as the cornerstones of our core.

Open Plots

In good developing locations in urban and suburban regions, we also develop and provide open plots for sale at reasonable costs. Another one of our specialties is developing plots and farmland. We search for the greatest areas with vacant plots and lands and bring them to you early so you can construct your dream house.

We believe in “The Best Investment on Earth is EARTH” our open plots will help your investment to grow in a rational way.

We think you’re searching for open plots in Hyderabad, therefore we’ve put up a list of projects to aid you in your search! Hyderabad’s open plots provide more than just a place to put your house.

We provide trusted services that you can simply rely on TaDo Land Investment Services.

Farm Management

As part of projects, we take up both conventional and organic farming throughout the city and its vicinity. We have encouraged our clientele to invest the land for better use like growing organic vegetation, florae, and build agriculture assets.

HEORwel and its team of experts ensure that each step taken toward working on the land management is by keeping nature on the mind.

We attentively process every detail the customer shares while imbibing our horticulture knowledge, farming expertise, and the latest technology in producing organic vegetation.

We are here to support you while you pursue your dream of owning a farm in Hyderabad. natural surroundings and our farmlands. Do-It-With-TaDo: Is the DIY lifestyle not for you?


The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Trees reduce the urban heat island effect through evaporative cooling and reducing the amount of sunlight that reaches parking lots and buildings. This is especially true in areas with large impervious surfaces, such as parking lots of stores and industrial complexes.

Time 2 Plant is a CSR initiative by TaDo Projects. The goal is to grow 1 million trees through different methods. Social Activities will be held by Time 2 Plant, and plants will be distributed. This relates to creating green communities around the world.

Our vision is to plant 1 million trees and plants in the next 10 years and to encourage this green movement, we will be offering and distributing free plants to all the property owners of the TaDo group.


TADO depends on customers. That is why the first rule of our business is to retain clients and build a loyal relationship with them.

There's no better marketing strategy than a customer who got benefitted through our service.


Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." We have True Leadership and Object Driven IDEAS.


Our goal is to enhance people's lives, environments, and places where they reside in order to contribute to the creation of a new India. All of our contacts, whether they are with clients, staff members, suppliers, or other stakeholders, demonstrate a high level of transparency.

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Current Project
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Our passion and dedication to creating world-class living spaces and cultivating thriving communities are attested to by the incredible success of the company today. TaDo is an all-encompassing real estate firm that wishes to concentrate on the best.
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Customers hold the power in today’s social media and technology-driven world. That is why what they say can make or break companies. Our services are high quality to satisfy customers, turning them into brand ambassadors for the company.

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“All of our contacts, whether they are with clients, staff members, suppliers, or other stakeholders, demonstrate a high level of transparency. Our commitment to transparency and accountability in all aspects of business is driven by this core value”

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Satheesh Kadalam

I recommend this company to people who plan to start their own Investments. Thanks to the manager’s business planning and advice, our investment became more profitable.

Satheesh Kadalam

Suresh B

TaDo Projects helps to invest in the most profitable projects that can give you a reasonable rate of return. The best way to dispose of free assets.

Suresh B

Bhargavi K

Timely, efficient and accurate – True professionals work for  Investments. My Investments has moved forward since using one of the company’s services packages

Bhargavi K

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