Real Estate and My Views


As a keen observer and close follower of real estate market for more than a decade, I opine that India has shown remarkable resilience and growth over the past two years. I could see varied factors that helped in the growth of the market. Even though hit by significant fluctuations including the COVID-19 pandemic, interest rate changes, and economic uncertainty, the real estate industry could sustain and adapt seamlessly.

In the current year, I see that the rise in the property rates and stable interest rates have created a favorable environment for the real estate industry. Along with this, I am happy that introducing the Government initiatives in the residential sector made home ownership accessible for a larger population. These initiatives turned out to be interesting resulting in the interest surge in both affordable and mid-premium housing. The commercial sector has also experienced substantial growth with the rise of co-working spaces and hybrid work models. Similar patterns of growth are observed in the Industrial and Logistics, Retail and Hospitality real estate.

As part of my vision for the next 20 years:

  1. Keeping in mind the rapid population growth, I look forward to being part of the urbanization and smart cities idea of the real sector.
  2. Sustainability and green buildings are another major segment of real estate, wherein I look forward to actively investing my ideas in developing multiple eco-friendly projects. I also look forward to having most of my projects to majorly have sustainability as one of its development pillars.
  3. Technology has by far revolutionized the real estate industry. As a continuous learner, I would like to adapt to the concepts of AI predictive analysis, Blockchain concepts, and other advanced ideas in building smart and safer homes.
  4. The upward trajectory and economic conditions, there is a larger demand for luxurious living spaces, giving me a chance to explore innovative avenues of industry.

A firm believer of accessible projects and great accomplishments when one does the following:

  1. Picking the right projects must be emphasized as a project encompasses the right location, accommodating neighborhoods, connectivity, growth of the place, and many other factors yield a good project. And this in turn helps in garnering good customers/buyers.
  2. It is crucial to build a good real estate team for navigating successful real estate projects. The team should understand the complexities of the market, current trends, and other factors to maximize the investment.
  3. One of the key performance indicators for collectively creating successful real estate projects is Quality. These quality checks can be performed during the location, design, material used for the projects, and while performing many other elements of construction.
  4. Transparency is another core value I thoroughly adhere to while crafting my real estate projects. Customers, staff, and everyone involved in the project are provided with the visibility of the progress of the project.

As I conclude, I would like to accentuate that any individual can be called successful when he/she is adaptable, approachable, and aces in their industry understanding.